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CAT Tourniquet Holder

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If you don't have access to a tourniquet in seconds, you might as well stay home.

Our quick access tourniquet holder with double sided Velcro attachment ensures you have a tourniquet where ever and when ever you need it.

Designed for use with the CAT Tournquet (NOT INCLUDED)

Available in two sizes

The large size Velcro panel is perfect for securing to your plate carrier.

The small size Velcro panel is perfect for your gun belt.



Milspec Elastic

Milspec Velcro

Made in Canada with US Materials

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Devin Hardy
good gear

Works great for inner / outer belts

Matthew Nicholson
Great buy

Fits well on my chestrig and easy access when I would need it. The material is tight which is what I need so nothing happens unless I need it.

Great TQ holster.

Best TQ for gun belts if you get the half sized Velcro loop doesn’t bind or rub when sitting keeps TQ accessible (a little tight) but not loose or falling.
The elastic sleeve helps prevent unnecessary abrasion or damage to a valuable price of life saving equipment.
Price point is beyond competitive for the quality, if you look at most other TQ holders of the same style being in us currency with higher shipping costs.
Overall 10/10.

Michael McGuire

Tore in half while I was practicing taking my tq out, never even got to bring it to the field