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Warrior Gear is home of the famous 64 pattern ruck made by retired Airborne Rigger John Laporte.  This ruck is timeless, tried and tested.  You will not find a better ruck.  Please inquire if there is a colour or material that you are interested in that is not on the list.

All our products are made in house, please allow up to 2 weeks lead time if your order is not in stock.

*Currently experiencing delays in CADPAT items due to material availability

Customer Reviews

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Kenneth Darby
Great ruck

I got mine to replace a medium ALICE i have been using since my Marine Corps days. Put it on a Downeast 1603 and have been using it as a truck bag to travel light. I wish i had known about this back in the day because i much prefer it to the ALICE ( having a frame makes a big difference. We weren't issued those.).

64 Pattern Rucksack

The Warrior Gear 64 Pattern Rucksack & pad set is far superior to the original I was issued in 3Commando. I highly recommend this product as a former JM -PI & MFPI .
I have seen several people comment that they cant find frames, the original frames are hard to find, but remember the ALICE Pack frame replaced the 64 pattern frame, and works well. We called the original a 64 pattern jump ruck, but in reality it was a U.S design used as a lightweight jungle ruck, and like i said replaced by the ALICE pack which is readily available new to this day. We are very happy with Warrior Gear products, so much so that we stock them in our shop !


Valley Guns, Petawawa


The absolute gold standard of rucksack.

Eoghan Moll
21 Century Update to a Timeless Design

Warrior Gear has given the 64 Lower Ruck compartment the upgrade it's needed. Well stitched with gusseted pouches, and steel slide locks, this rucksack will take years of abuse either on the move or while exiting a CC-130J. I've jumped Warrior Gear's rucksacks for years and they've performed flawlessly despite hard landings and multiple exercises/deployments throughout the years. Warrior Gear's 64 Ruck Sack components will work on a variety of frames including the ALICE frame and Down East Inc. 1603 frame. Looking forward to many more years using their rucksack products and seeing where they innovate next.

Jason Forth
Excellent upgrade!

I've been using a p64 ruck since 1988. First with the original rubber bag then the Cordura "life extension" issued bag, then a version from your competitors.
This bag is the finest, toughest bag yet.
Probably outlive me.

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