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64 Pattern Ruck Bag

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Warrior Gear is home of the famous 64 pattern ruck made by retired Airborne Rigger John Laporte.  This ruck is timeless, tried and tested.  You will not find a better ruck.  Please inquire if there is a colour or material that you are interested in that is not on the list.

All our products are made in house, please allow up to 2 weeks lead time if your order is not in stock.

*Currently experiencing delays in CADPAT items due to material availability

Customer Reviews

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Excellent upgrade!

I've been using a p64 ruck since 1988. First with the original rubber bag then the Cordura "life extension" issued bag, then a version from your competitors.
This bag is the finest, toughest bag yet.
Probably outlive me.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this flawless setup. I used this 64 pat bag with the pad set on a Alice frame for the duration of my recce course and found the weight carriage/distribution and durability amazing. While other friends had their buckles popping on issued rucks and the aluminum poles poking out due to the weight of our packs, the 64 pat bag superseded in terms of durability and weight. The pockets are great for broken down rations, your poncho, rain gear (not issued) and load of other things. Opting for a day bag on top of the 64 bag instead of a valise let’s you have your day bag ready to go when you drop rucks and need to move instead of trying to jam a daybag underneath the top flap of your gypsy caravan ruck. Not to mention when I picked the ruck up in person the staff was super friendly and helped me rig it all together right there in the shop. Stop overpacking your issued ruck and start saving your lower back with this bag!

Tried and true

no matter how many new fancy rucksacks the CAF tries to issue and replace nothing can replace the tried and true classic. seriously.

Recommended by a peer

I wanted to upgrade my pack to something that was both more comfortable, and a little more functional. I have this on an Alice 64 tube frame at the bottom with a valide above it. I have to say, the outer pockets on this fit a bit more and feel a lot more secure than issued kit (80’s). The main pouch was a great surprise as I found that the space was very usable. I could fit boots, boxes, field gear and everything else with ease. The issued pouch I used before could barely hold my boots and still manage to close. HIGHLY recommend. If you’re loading up for training rucks, you’ll know just from packing this up that it’s a better product. I still think it’s a contender compared to the new version. I’d say it comes down to personal preference but I like the buckles. Zippers are great and secure, but a buckle is extremely reliable and can be operated quietly.

64 pattern ruck bag

I got the bag quickly in the mail , it came package very good . The quality is top notch .

But I haven’t used it yet because I have found a ruck frame yet

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