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Shoulder and back strap ARE included 

The new Det Commander Rig was designed with direct feedback from the SF community to meet the constantly evolving mission environment.

This small but feature packed chest rig is designed to seamlessly integrate your mission essential gear with a very operator friendly lay out.



- Non-Slip zipper pulls

- Front zipper pocket with Velcro front.

- Clamshell velcro Loop lined front pouch with adjustable opening settings and internal stiffner.

- Velcro Loop lined modular pouch

- Map Pouch/ Cable management pocket

- 3 Collumn x 3 Row Molle side wings with elastic radio pouches and internal cable ports.


Available options sold seperately

Customer Reviews

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joe sayles
Chest rig

Awesome chest rig, exactly what I wanted. The kydex inserts keep the magazines in tight. The construction is great, definitely ordered more gear from these guys.

The right tool for the job

I don’t often leave reviews for products online. However, I always search for them whenever I become seriously interested in a product and I thought I might try my hand at leaving one for someone else like me. Maybe you can make better informed purchasing decisions from my experience with the DCR V2.

I have used this rig for a year, throughout all weather conditions, in the performance of all manner of infantry tasks. I find it is best used as part of a LBE system, and I’ve most often paired mine with a two-piece gun belt for additional ammo/misc storage. For rucking it’s important that you consider how much ammo you’ll have on the rig as wearing your belt with anything larger than a day-pack isn’t advisable. However, as a Sect Comdr or Pl Sig ammo isn’t as important as admin and comms eqpt access and in this aspect the DCR V2 really shines.

I cannot understate the value of the sewn-in admin pouch to this rig, it really is the star of the show. I would highly recommend Warrior Gear to make this exact pouch as a standalone product. At least 15 people in my Pl alone have expressed interest in getting this exact pouch as a standalone to work with their rigs. Having a drop down panel allows you to take notes and access maps, comms cards, nav eqpt, etc in a fast and organized way. I personally use the velcro liner to secure my notepad, flip-thru reports and returns pack, and pens in an elastic loop card. I keep more reference material in the front zipper pocket and my map in the map pocket. Best admin solution I have ever used, and I am comparing that to many other less-than-capable solutions I’ve tried over the last 9 years.

Besides admin, the comms capabilities of the DCR V2 are fantastic as well, keeping in mind the form factor. With two sewn-in elastic pouches placed on the inside you are able to support two radios securely and comfortably. Even without armour I have done helo-inserts, patrols, section attacks, and rucks with a 152 and never found it pressing into my body uncomfortably. If you’d rather hold mags in those pockets you can do that too, but they’ll obviously be less accessible than your front 3.

Circling back to the question of ammo storage I think that the DCR V2 for me has a major point to improve that is easy to solve. The industry standard with rigs like these is 3 columns of molle on each side of the main “placard” (or body if you prefer) and the DCR V2 is no exception. I believe this is a mistake. As configured you could place a magazine pouch on either side of the placard (single or double) but this would take up 2/3 of your molle columns. That last column is never as useful as you hope it to be. If there were 4 molle columns on each side I could mount a medium/large GP pouch (they usually take 4 columns) on one side and double AR mag pouch + hydration pouch (2 columns each) on the other. This is the ideal solution for my needs, yours may differ.

Besides the number of molle columns the last avenue of approach to expanding this rigs capabilities lies in the back side velco panel. Another win in my books. I use a dangler here for my IFAK. This means I have equal and easy access to my medical eqpt quickly using either arm. There isn’t much else to say about the velcro panel really, it just works.

All in all I think this rig has and will continue to serve my needs well (if not absolutely perfectly). I hope this review was helpful and gave you some useful information. As a recap this is a great rig for Pl Sigs/Sect Comdrs. I can have ammo, comms, admin, and IFAK support in a great package. I would recommend to Warrior Gear adding just one more molle column to make this the rig of my dreams, and adding that admin pouch as a standalone product. Thanks for your time.

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